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Tutorial: Hand Bound Eyelets by DietCokeFiend Tutorial: Hand Bound Eyelets by DietCokeFiend
Oh man, holding a camera to record and making eyelets at the same time, multi-tasking at its finest. My usual disclaimer of my camera being old and soundless, etc. but a decent effort!

This video tutorial walks you through the steps of how to make a hand-bound eyelet with a jump-ring on the inside. I always wanted to figure out how to add in the ring and when I made this video, all I found were some "just ok" picture tutorials that frustrated me. Maybe this can help someone.

Some fabric that requires an eyelet (duh)
Embroidery thread
Small jump rings (a little bigger than what you want your eyelet's inner circumference to be)
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taeliac Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
Ooh! I'm going to have to watch this soon! And, most definitely try it... I've wanted to do hand bound eyelets for a few projects, and just dread doing them because... well, without something as a base, I just know I would be a monkey with a sewing needle to them...

I have to ask, though - did you have any problems uploading film lately? I have one submission that's been sitting as "film not ready to display" for a day and a half, now :(
DietCokeFiend Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010   Artisan Crafter
You know, they weren't that difficult. The first couple were less than perfect, and like everything else, doing more of them makes them more uniform.

I'm not sure, but I think I may have uploaded video differently. Yours always plays on the site whereas mine are accessed via the download button on the left. I'm not sure if we submit to different categories or if you have account privileges that I don't or what! So, in short, I have no idea!
lilaurenthys Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2010
Awesome, thank you! I haven't been able to finish my shirt yet but I'm still working on it. Gah, now I want to do something with these eyelets - so much better than the metal ones!

It kinda reminds me of shisha stitching, where you sew the round mirrors onto things. Do you know how to do that?
DietCokeFiend Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2010   Artisan Crafter
It IS a little like shisha! While I haven't had a reason to do those fun little guys (yet), I've checked out photo tutorials of those too. I'm not sure what article of clothing (or accessories/decor) would ever call for them for me, but if they do, I'll try to do another one of these videos ;)
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April 20, 2010
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